Julia Johnson

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Julia Johnson was born in Miami, FL and raised on South Beach during the 90s. Between shelling with her mother and frequenting her father’s prominent recording studio, the unique flavor of her up bringing has influenced her point of view as a creative. In 2001, Julia moved to California to attend the San Francisco Art Institute for photography. It was there that she met photographer Cody Cloud and began a long standing collaboration as creative partners. Julia and Cody founded JUCO in 2008 and worked together as a photography duo for 12 years. They shot and directed for an impressive client list and are highly regarded in the advertising industry. In 2021, Julia and Cody healthily realized the potential of working as solo artists and decided to embark on different paths.
Julia is wife to Dane Johnson (well known set designer) and mother to Valentine Johnson (cheeky Toddler). She enjoys thrifting, beach days and has a slight shopping problem. Color theory and and set design creative direction are her strong suits—but above all she deeply values the collaborative process of working with other creatives on both the peer and client side.

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