JUCO takes home the top creative award for a fashion video with “Coats” at Lebook London 2017!

Revisit Coats, and check out the rest of the impressive competition at Lebook London.

Congrats Cody and Julia!

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Live Sports, Meet Luis Peña

Check out some sweet sweet stills from Luis Peña’s latest work for Hulu. Loving the new look!

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Finally, a solution we can all agree on!

We’re loving this short doc from our good friend Yoko Okumura. Congrats Yoko! Watch.

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What is Mac and Cheese?

Doesn’t matter. Tastes good. Pete Marquis’ latest work with Erich & Kallman for Church’s Chicken. Watch.

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United Colors of Shirley

“Just seeing everyone get along is a really magical, and special feeling.” Directing duo JUCO collaborates with American stylist Shirley Kurata and NOWNESS on “United Colors of Shirley”—a colorful short film on the power of personal uniform. Watch at nowness.com.

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Being Human Takes Guts Campaign Featured by Ad Age

Luis Peña and FCB Chicago Team up with William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman for Renew Life’s biggest campaign push in its 20-year history. Read more.

And check out the fearless little humans from the campaign’s latest addition “Growing Up Takes Guts.”


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footlocker still

Burning Donald Trump’s Tweets.

David Neevel, the legendary man behind 2013’s Oreo Separator Machine, would like to introduce you to his newest invention.  See the video on Quartz.  And follow the action @burnedyourtweet.  Congratulations David.